What do you want to be when you grow up? If lifestyle blogger is on your list, we can’t blame you. After all, who wouldn’t cotton to the idea of being your own boss, earning money as well as products, discounts and other perks, and making friends and colleagues in your field, all simply by talking up your hobbies and interests?

Well, there’s more to it than that, of course: a lot of time goes into the work itself, and every blogger’s journey is a personal tale of hard-won effort.

To prove our point, we asked Olesya Rulin, actress and blogger, to share some of her best-kept secrets with us. Check out the interview below.

1. What inspired you to become a lifestyle blogger?

I’ve been an actor for 19 years… meaning more than half my life I have been working in a visually creative field. I’m almost 32 now and, although acting is still my profession, I found it frustrating to wait for auditions and projects to start in order to share my creativity. There’s nothing worse than an artist not being able to create.

I started slowly incorporating my social media platforms to share who I am as a person. My likes, my passions, as a way to fill the creative desire I have every day. However, it’s a fine line between being open and sharing with the world and staying private enough to have freedom to transform into other characters.

Being in an industry that shapes and molds you into others, it took me some time to realize that I had almost 20 years of marketing and visual arts experience. Once I came to this conclusion I started having more appreciation for technology and social media. I felt the desire to share knowing that my skills were specific.

2. Is there a difference between a lifestyle blog and a personal blog?

Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that. I just share what I feel would help others whether it’s entertaining, inspirational, or related to beauty or the environment.


3. Did your popularity as an actress give your blog a boost?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my fans from the HSM franchise and the recent “POWERS” TV show I was part of. I love my job and am so blessed to have been doing it for so long. I did shy away from technology for years and have only in the last 12 months put in an effort to share and express myself on its platforms. Before, I think it intimidated me to be so out there.

When I was younger I didn’t understand the business side as much as I do now. I now see how speaking up and sharing can not only influence people but spread awareness on topics I truly believe in, like nature conservation and organic living.

4. Tell us a bit about your passions – what inspires you most?

Telling stories is obviously the big one for me. I simply love being used as a conduit for storytelling. Being one of the colors used to paint a picture for others to view and escape into is a privilege. Every time I’m on a set my heart skips a beat. It’s pure magic.

On any given day there are 200 or so people from all walks of life, all races, economic classes, every political and religious belief, all striving to do one thing: make an art project. We may not all get along but we all work together day after day, 16 – to 20 hours a day, for months. Isn’t that incredible? It gives me hope for humanity every time I see it, every time I’m part of a project.

Then I get all dolled up, walk a red carpet, smile and pretend I know the answers to the questions I’m being asked. The whole time I can’t wait for the lights to go out, the audience to sit, and be moved. Moved inward, moved together, and for two hours there is peace in that space.

Everyone gets along in the dark of a theatre… Everyone’s the same… We are all experiencing something together. Again: hope. I’m the woman in the back in the fancy dress, smiling… being a tool for that kind of transportation is my purpose on this planet. I help people time travel.

I’m also incredibly passionate about our planet and in all the ways we can preserve and protect this blue ball we call home. It’s a beautiful time to exist because there is so much change and revolution in terms of manufacturing resources, products, and food. Never in the history of time has humanity had this much free information (thank you interweb) and I believe it is our duty to learn and self-educate.

The excuses have been washed away with freedom to research. You can question, you can discuss, you can expand, no matter what background you’re from, and no matter what economic class you’re in. Isn’t that inspiring? Education used to be a privilege for the few; now it is a choice. You can choose to “Google” something. Attention is a commodity in this age… what are you paying attention to?

On a more personal level, I own a nature preserve with my mother in Russia. We live almost off the grid (we have electricity) four hours North of Moscow on 140 acres of beautiful forest. There, we can protect the woods from poachers and illegal logging.

I’m incredibly proud of this little spot of land. We’ve fought hard to keep it safe and although some may say “what’s 140 acres? That’s not very large,” I respond by saying “it’s enough.” It’s a start. Change doesn’t have to be astronomical to make a difference. One tree at a time, one moose at a time, I’m keeping my promise to mother earth. I will protect you.

I’m a self-proclaimed beauty whore and love a new skincare line. Maybe it’s from years of on-camera work or the fact that I spent my formative years on an organic farm, but skin care and self-care are a huge part of my life. The skin is the largest organ on our bodies and we simply have to take care of it. It goes hand in hand for me. If you pollute your own “environment” how are you to expand outside yourself to secure and protect anything else?

I use all natural/organic products and love to support brands that make the effort in manufacturing goods with the consideration of the consumer and the planet as whole. My bathroom is filled with jars and potions and lotion oh my. It’s a little ridiculous but hey, I love being the guinea pig for organic beauty products.

5. If you were to describe your lifestyle in three words, what would those words be?

Wow, that’s a great question. It changes every two years or so. Now as I approach my 32 thirty-second rotation around the sun it’s definitely different from when I was 28 or even 30.

Now I would say my lifestyle is: Purposeful, Artistic, Driven.

6. How personal do you allow yourself to be in your blog posts?

I’m more open now than I have ever been. I think age does that… you just don’t care about others’ opinions as much. I’m more comfortable in my body, my mind, and my decisions. I keep my love life under wraps and any damaging information that could harm someone who’s still alive. I do highlight the good moments. For years I tried to understand how to gap the two worlds I straddle.

One: the off-the-grid wilderness woman who grew up in Communist Russia who can howl like a wolf, hunt and skin any animal, can forage in the woods, and who drinks well water. The one who has the dark stories to tell of abuse, sadness, hunger real hunger, drastic change and instability. The loss of a childhood in the sense that I wasn’t given the privilege of being naive (wars and change of government will do that to children).

Two: the woman who plays other people for a living. The one who wears designer clothes loaned to her for red carpets. The one who knows how to apply the perfect cat eye, which new color of Chanel lipstick just launched, and yes I have my $10 kale juice in Venice Beach. Add the avocado for $2 sure. The childhood star… the Disney Channel smiling face.

I stopped trying to gap the differences. I am both. Duality. Little by little I’m starting to share from both sides.

7. What are your top three bloggers to follow on Instagram?

  1. Alwaysjudging… because she’s little like me, doesn’t smile and seems not to really care. My kind of lady.
  2. Mija by Mirjam Flatau… she’s minimalistic like I am and I admire her work ethic.
  3. Pernille Teisbaek… Scandinavian style. Mom. Boss.

8. What were the milestones of your career as a known lifestyle blogger?

That one is still to come, for now. It’s finding my voice and using it.

Wait! Maybe that’s it.


9. How much time do you spend on Instagram every day?

A lot. I’m still learning how to use the tools. I’m not concerned with the amount of hours because I see it as I’m in a BA program and these are my classes. I’m studying.

10. What’s your secret to keeping your audience engaged?

Be authentic.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too crazy on my stories etc… too moody on my artsy photoshoots… but that’s me. I’m a ball of creativity so I let my freak flag fly.CLICK TO TWEET

11. How does Plann help you manage your content?

I love Plann!

Monique Coleman recommended it to me. I was doing all of the planning and visual concepts in my mind and it worked but took so much of my conscious awareness. Too much of my personal hard drive to keep the ideas and themes straight.

With Plann, I can see my work and be more of a creative director. Have the freedom to produce more or less to fill in gaps I wouldn’t have noticed before, and tailor the look and feel of my feed to express my art form. It’s amazing!

Plus you have all these other tools (like statistics), that I’m still learning how to use that keep blowing my mind.


Being a lifestyle blogger means daring to show the world your true colors and being yourself. After all, no one is you and that is your greatest power.

Plus, you can use Plann to help you with posting. Plan your feed, drag & drop images, apply filters, edit your images and schedule them to be published. All this with just one powerful tool.

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